Sample of Custom Assembly services:

Making of cable assemblies and wire harnesses
Assembly of Mil-spec, coax, solder and crimp connectors
Supply and assembly of power and data terminal block and cable assemblies

Coaxial Lightening Protection, High Current DC filters and Surge Protection
Phoenix Contact products (authorised distributer of Phoenix Contact)
Terminal blocks
Crimp terminals
Wire preparation, stripping and termination of Crimp, solder and ferrule contacts
Customised label marking

We supply connector assembly's using the following products below but not limited to:

MS Mil 26482 ser. 1 and 2
Mil 5015 solder and crimp
D38999 ser 1,2 and 3
Coax connectors
Molex - Mini fit junior connectors 
Electrical and data signal connectors

If what you are looking for is not yet on our list, please contact us.